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Monday, July 14, 2008

Dr.Nahed Taher

Dr.Nahed Taher is a trail blazer for Saudi Arabian Woman….and women all around the world. Born into a family of bankers and financiers, Naher says that it was her father who first sowed the seeds of her interests in economy by asking her opinion on matters at a very young age.

She spent five years with her family in Houston while her father worked for the Saudi state owned Oil Company.

She was married after high school and still went on to pursued her education at the University of Riyadh where she received her BA degree. She went on to study economics at Lancaster University in the UK and received her Master’s degree.

Her thesis was on the deficiencies of the Saudi monetary system. She received her PHD for economics in 1998. After finishing her education in the United Kingdom, Nahed was offered a high profile job for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She turned it down choosing to pursue a job within Saudi Arabia. She was the first female chief economist in Saudi Arabia, whilst working for the National Commercial Bank.

Nahed is an anomaly in a land where women are not allowed to drive.

As a mother of three children, Dr. Taher shows that it is possible to have a fulfilling career whilst raising children.

In 2005, she became the CEO of the Gulf One Investment bank , one of the leading banking institutions in the in the Middle East.

She certainly breaks glass with her commitment to the development of her country and breaks ground in the Middle East. She is a refreshing contrast to the idea that a woman cannot progress within the structure of an Islamic society.

Who says a women who wears a hijab (head covering) and abaya (outer body covering) can't be a "Baller Shot Caller"!


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