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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Justin Timberlake

Not many people can claim to be recognized by short phrases but Justin Timberlake can claim that crown. Wardrobe malfunction, Bringing sexy back and Britney are all terms that will underline who Justin is forever.

Super bowl’s wardrobe malfunction and Bringing Sexy Back are definitely strange bedfellows but there’s nothing strange about Justin Timberlake.

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, who would have thought that J.T would grow up to be the international sex symbol that he is today. A far cry from goofing around on the Mickey Mouse Club and thankfully as far removed from the felonious grips of Lou Pearlman(May he serve in peace).

We watched him develop from the astute businessman that he is today. He brought "Sexy Back" which will possibly be one of the most iconic statements of this decade. It means something different to everyone. Does he mean bringing the old love back or is it being who you want to be regardless of WHAT anyone else thinks. Bringing the sexy back into what was previously thought as plain or flat? Yes truly a dissertation could be written based on that phrase alone.

Justin’s own interpretation.

Not only is Justin a very talented entertainer. He is also actively involved in great charity work. He’s active in promoting music as a part of a child’s development even encouraging the general public to sign a petition advocating music education (which was given to congress). Maybe our Justin has political aspirations. If he does, he would definitely get my vote. Vote Timberlake 2038! Maybe he can bring sexy back to the White House.


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