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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Listening to Coldplay’s Grammy winning song,” Clocks”, one is reminded somewhat of U2’s "Beautiful Day." The comparisons to U2 are inevitable. Similar alternative rock sounds, the same social responsibility and the desire to enhance is how they interact with fans and the media . But Coldplay isn’t U2, or Radiohead or any of the bands that they have been compared to. Coldplay is more like an adoring younger brother looking up to an older brother that’s already left home.

With their at times abstract lyrics, Coldplay has forged its own place in music. Formed in 1992, These four young men seek to infuse their music with the issues that they believe in. "Vida La Vida"(their new album) is very genuine and polished in its sound and pushes Coldplay into the public eye.

In 2002, the band was invited to tour Haiti by Oxfam where Chris was promoting the "Make Trade Fair" campaign. That visit was life changing. Chris Martin, Lead singer, usually makes public appearances with a wristband with the words Make Trade Fair. He is the most visible celebrity representative for Oxfam’s campaign. He leant his name, among others such as Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, to the Big Noise petition in 2003. That was designed to bring about awareness of this issue that constricts the ability of poorer countries to rise out of the economy trap.

The band works hard to maintain social integrity, by not allowing their songs to be used to advertise those things that they consider against their own beliefs. They have lost millions in endorsements but they have held onto their integrity. As Chris says their music isn’t geared to the studio suits who don’t listen to the music but to the fans. They split their music earnings equally, they don’t engage in the usual rock and roll lifestyle. They even have a contractual obligation NOT to engage in hard drugs. Drug abuse is an automatic firing.

Starting with responsibility with themselves and keeping the groups integrity from the inside definitely is reflected on their outside dealings. Possibly loosing millions in endorsements as a result but you can’t help but like and want to support a band that literally holds their heart on their sleeve. Coldplay isn’t U2 and Chris isn’t Bono, but as he says, “I don’t mind not being cool I’ve never been cool in my whole life.” "Being voted the worlds sexiest vegetarian is about as cool as it gets.”


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