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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lisa Ling

The byline for Lisa’s website is ,”Trying To Do Good” a net-work that focuses on informing about issues and sorries that make headlines or people, and showing individuals who are simply doing "good work." This is the true crux of what Lisa is trying to do with her journalistic skills. Her strength is in her powerful reporting.A woman who is sincerely passionate about making the world socially aware of different conditions different nations are

Born in Los Angeles to Chinese American parents, Lisa got her first big break as co host of the LA magazine program "Scratch" at the age of six-teen. And at the age of eight-teen she auditioned for the position of co-anchor for the "Nationally Syndicated" news Channel one. This is a news channel for schools that is nationally syndicated. Through her work as a reporter, Lisa was able to travel all over the world. It was the beginning of her passion to travel and report what she saw. She was able to work forty hour weeks and study at the same time at USC. By the age of twenty-five she was a co-host of the winning daytime show, "The View." But her first love was always for social reporting, so in 2001 she left the view to pursue a different focus in her career.

She began presenting National Geographic’s, "Ultimate Explorer" a program on the Discovery channel. During her time as host of National Geographic's "Ultimate Explorer", Lisa a was able to visit those places that cried out for the world to focus on them. She also is special reporter for the "Oprah Winfrey Show"and a special reporter for CNN, recently given a spot as contributor for Nightline.

Do not be surprised if you see Lisa presenting her own news show one day.



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