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Friday, September 4, 2009

Lalu Hotel

The Lalu overlooks a panorama of the mystical Sun Moon Lake and is named after the indigenous Shao aboriginal settlement that was located on its site. Once the favourite summer getaway of President Chiang Kai Shek, the hotel dates back to 1901. Recent renovations and additions by Kerry Hill Architects have resurrected the property to an new international level - a first for this part of the world. The Lalu invites guests to experience an all-suite lifestyle concept, including seven private villas with individual swimming pools, courtyards and pavilions. Complimented by five restaurants and bars serving western and Asian delicacies, The Lalu is a place to relax and enjoy. The hotel's Spa comes with an extensive range of organic treatments. A 60-metre swimming pool and a well-equipped gym are also available. The surrounding region offers authentic cultural exhibits, festivals and events in a unique natural environment. Visit the temples, gardens and pagodas, and experience the beauty of Sun Moon Lake.

1.5 hours from Taichung Domestic Airport, 3.5 hours from Chiang Kai Shek International Airport.



1 of my sis & my fav thing 2 do is 2 meet diff destinations & explore diff hotels..just chill:)


Kitty said...

Gorgeous Cee... the setting is perfect and the Japanese decor is lovely... it's so nice that you go with your sis and relax.

I've been in Taipai several times... Asian cities are pretty rough... but going to Sun Moon Lake would be cool.

Kitty said...

BTW... the white background looks nice and clean and light...

theceelist said...

it is im blessed!

Wht did u go 2 Taipai 4??..

The pol is so 1 lap id b out of it..Ive never been 2 this hotel I really want 2 go though.

I knoew if ig its x for a chng in color the black is kinda of club lk my sis & I were talking about it..i want 2 market this site but id hate 2 interrupt our convos...

wamp wamp wamp..loooool:);)