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Friday, September 25, 2009

Christian Dior

Oh & and whose that blackasian chick?! The 1 & only Chanel Iman of course! She gets alll the good gigs

Guys, I was totally getting bored with the fashion until I ran across this C.D runway.My eyes were lk poping out of my head. I luv how it's so diff from all the others... I luv how each girl strikes a surprisingly diff pose!
I wanna about fine garments..Oh YEAH!



Kitty said...



I luv it!!!

Thanks for finding it!!!

I want all the dresses and I want to walk like those girls... so pretty!

theceelist said...

me 2

I know I know! i really lk this 1 a lot!!!

Kitty said...


I'm gonna watch every day... then I'll learn to walk like these pretty girls!!!

theceelist said...

aw kitty u dnt know..ok heres wht u do.

stand straight chin up..left arm straight 2 ur side right arm gently moves.. & when u stop shift ur weight on ur left leg & put ur on the tip of ur toe..

ive got it dwn pack my brother has told me that i walk k a seriously ..its that easy..its about

got it?!
i hp that mks since..LOOOOL!!!

Kitty said...


I'll practice what you told me... good advice on the arms...


theceelist said...

Got it? good! all the guys ull chase u I ull get ALL THE HOT 1ce..LOOOOOL!!!