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Friday, September 25, 2009

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, in central Germany, is a 2000-year-old city with much to offer: skyscrapers, the Main River, a famous opera house, thriving theater district, zoo, pedestrian shopping street, parks, and more than 50 museums (art, German, Jewish and natural history and more). The majority of Frankfurt has been built since World War II, when bombings decimated the city. However, some historic structures, such as Romer (city hall), have been restored or rebuilt.



Kitty said...

Cool Cee Cee...

2,000 year old city...


theceelist said...

Hey Kitty! I hp uv had a great week!:)

WE WE!:);)
HUGE :)'s

Kitty said...

Hi Cee!!!

Pretty good week... much better than last week when I had a huge meltdown... I'm a dumbbaby///

I hope YOU had a good week!!!!

Giant :) to u!

theceelist said...

dont be hard on urself..I melt down sm time 2 dnt sweat it:);)

kitty its was my BD yesterday i just made 100 yres old yesterday ..jking..


Kitty said...



I thought you were about 22 years me!

I'll make a special C-Cake... carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!!

Fireworks for you friend!

theceelist said...

22 a me a lil older,

omg kitty ur so sweet how do u know I luv c cake & cream cheese frosting..kitty u my twin or HUMONGOUS XXX:);)

I lu cheese cake & chocolate & 2

oh & kitty speaking of sweets when u go 2 toa rest be sure 2 try the banna bread pudding..OMG better than ***..LOOOOOL!!

Kitty said...

OMG Cee... you must be about 27 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banana bread pudding might kill me... it sounds DELICIOUS!

More happy birthdays to you twin sister!

theceelist said...

wow ur

kitty oh no u cnt really good my sis & I r going 2mk tao resv just for the not even a pudding person..but this 1 is outta this world!

its so good when i cam bk hm i tried 2 mk it..I made sm similar & ate the whole pan then I hd this huge zit on my face..i knew that would happen but i ate abunch anyways.

kitty tnks 4 the carrot cake & fireworks thought.. thats really nice:)

I had a great x chatting with u this weekend..& kitty dnt 4 get makes mistakes sm x