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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea of London draws upon knowledge and experience gained from three generations of family activity in all areas of the tea trade, from plantations to blending and packaging.

The name of Ahmad Tea is synonymous with the very finest teas. The company was established with the belief that our reputation must be founded on the quality of our teas. The commitment to quality remains today. It is reflected in the image, branding and packaging of the entire Ahmad Tea product range and has led to sales in more than seventy countries, spanning across five continents.

Guys, b sure 2 try this tea brand. It's the best I've had & 1 bag goes a long way! My personal fav is the Peach Passion..I add sugar lime & ice The Absolute Best!

My dad use 2 take my sis out 4 tea when we were kids.. def 1 of our most fav memories..2 this day we enjoy tea x:)

Thanks dad:)



Kitty said...

So nice on a cool day to have hot tea... warm up and relax... nice Cee...

theceelist said...

Yeah i drink lots of ..kitty b sure 2 try thr mango peach with lime & sugar and ice.omg!I drank sooo much this summer Id make when i come from the gym then take a nap:)..