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Friday, September 25, 2009

Christian Dior Eye Makeup!

Guys, I went 2 Sephora ( where u can try everything out 4 free)2 bye some mascara & I tries this it's sooo pretty & shimmery.( my sis & niece fav place 2 go)I also luv the golden 1.!:)So b4 u guys buy makeup b sure 2 try it out.Ive never spent 30 bucks on a single make up item, but 4 this 1 I would..Its that good! Ok yall got that! I hope Ive made myself clear..its that f'in aight!
Found @ Sephora


Kitty said...

I luved the eye makeup on the models in the CD runway show Cee... I'm going try that too for fancy dressup...


You too Cee!!!

theceelist said...

J'Adore Dior!LOL

I know i luv how he mixed vintage with the sortta rock style hair & make up..I luv luv eye make ..I just bought sm this morning:)