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Friday, December 11, 2009


Facts & figures
  • Area: 450,000 km² (174,000 sq. mi.), third largest country in Western Europe
    Forests: 53%
    Mountains: 17%
    Cultivated land: 8%
    Lakes and rivers: 9%
    Longest north-south distance: 1,574 km (978 mi.)
    Longest east-west distance: 499 km (310 mi.)
  • Capital: Stockholm.
  • Population: 9 million inhabitants.
  • Languages: Swedish; recognized minority languages: Sami (Lapp), Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish), Yiddish, Romani Chib (a Gypsy language).
  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy.
  • Parliament: The Riksdag, with 349 members in one chamber .
  • Religion: 82% belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden.
  • Average life expectancy: men 77 years, women 82 years.
  • Most important export goods: Paper products, electrical and computer equipment, motor vehicles, machinery, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, foodstuffs.
  • Most important imported goods: Petroleum products, motor vehicles and accessories, machinery, electrical and computer equipment, foodstuffs, textile products, footwear.


Kitty said...

Beautiful Ceeeeeeeee! Clean and shiny...

Midnight Sun
The Midnight Sun is visible 24 hours a day as follows:

Abisko June 17 - July 19
Björkliden June 17 - July 19
Gällivare June 4 - July 12
Jokkmokk June 8 - July 3
Kiruna May 31 - July 11

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are the fluttering and bright lights that can be observed in the sky over the northernmost parts of the world. The best viewing areas in Sweden are above the Arctic Circle between September and March.

As the phenomenon is caused by energy from the sun carried towards Earth on the solar winds, its appearance cannot be guaranteed!


theceelist said...

Thats y the last pic the sky looks a glowing lavender! BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING!:)