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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dazzling Eyes!



Kitty said...


Crazy fashion eyes! Nice Cee!


I better practice my eye makeup some more!!!

Wonderful website >> art-dept!

theceelist said...

I know Ive gotten better!

pretty pretty!

I know the site is cool i bumped into it a few weeks ago when I was looking up artist & pep who own art/photography galleries. cool site indeed!

Kitty said...



theceelist said...

cat eyes I luv the blue 1s & rainbow 1..cute cute!

Kitty said...

HI Girly!

I'm going to get a hand mirror so I can do the fine makeuping!!!

It's sunny today!!!!!!!!

theceelist said...


I went 2 get in the sauna 2 day & out 4 lunch & now Im

sleepy sunday 4 me!

Kitty said...

Good Cee... take a nap... it will make your complexion more beautiful!

theceelist said...

I & ur right..omg since ive been using that coconut oil my skin is so radiant & my hair is bouncy shiny lk a feather:)

Kitty b sure 2 try it!

Kitty said...

Hi Cee!!!

I forgot about the coconut oil!

theceelist said...

oh kitty wht the jking

Kitty said...



You have a NEW CAREER ahead of YOU! You'll be famous!!! And I'll be your helper!!!


theceelist said...

Ohhhh Kitty lol this article is so cool..freebies oh YEAH!!!

But kitty I wouldn't want u 2 be my assistant ..if u hadnt already discovered ur creative side I rather help with that instead..
and kitty we get sm looser 2 be OUR assistant..LOL

u know my broinlaw does very well in the winter mnts with the uggs site

tnx x 2 i enjoyed this article


Kitty said...

Fun CEE... I have a very creative side... just need to unleash it!!!

I love making stuff... and tearing up a lot of it too... :)

theceelist said...

so kitty im walking through boaderd books & i see this mag called POP with this kid tavi on the cover im lk wow thats pretty interesting.hum