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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Surf Saturday & Dazzling In Wetsuits!:)

                                                         NOW DROP THAT BEAT!



Kitty said...



Listened to it twice already and gonna listen and watch again... LUV'D IT!!!

Thanks best internet girlfriend!

theceelist said...



I Know so fun! Im gonna play it until I get tired of it wear it the hell out..LOL

Tnx kitty I happy 2 "cee" u

Kitty said...

I HAPPPPPPY to "CEE" U 2/2/2!!!

Missed you girlyfriend!

theceelist said...

Kittty x 2.YEAH!!! so fun if i dnt stop myself id chat with u alot??..huh//OMG//

kitty u2 so fun!:)

Kitty said...

Hi Cee...

I luv to sleep... I'm like a little kitty sleeping in the sun... :)

And I wake up happy!

Happy to have my girlfriend Cee!

theceelist said...

Heeeey! Kitty!!!

U wake up feeling AMAAAAAZING 2day!

Its sunny 2day4 me 2!

Tnx kitty!Thats soo cool &

Im happy 2 hv u:):)

Kitty said...

Cee... now I want to go in the ocean and play in the waves!!!

theceelist said...

I know this post made me feel refreshed!

Kitty said...

happyhappyhappy ocean waves!

theceelist said...