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Friday, August 7, 2009

Texting and Driving Will Seriously F@#k You Up!

There’s been all sorts of publicity this week about a recent study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute analyzing the dangers posed by texting and driving. The research was conducted in a very scientifical manner: by placing video cameras in the cabs of 100 long-distance semis; watching how the drivers responded to what we in the auto journo biz call “Oh Shit Moments” (OSMs); and then analyzing how these reactions differed when the truckers were, or were not, engaged in the two-thumbed dance. The results? These professional drivers were 23 times more likely to wreck when they were sending messages than when they weren’t. Now I only took one day of Statistics 101, but I think that’s like a 23,000-percent risk increase.

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Oh No! don't do this! I'm DONE!..That's dangerous azz hell..LOL

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theceelist said...

no dnt stay hm just dnt text while driving

U know a truck almost side swaped me the other day i think he was sooo high up there was a blind spot I dnt think he saw me i assumed he did i was 2 sec from getting totaled..omg