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Friday, August 14, 2009

Chic & Swag Friday

Jayson Tyler Brûlé

Jayson Tyler Brûlé known as Tyler Brule (born 1968 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian-born journalist, entrepreneur and magazine publisher.

The only child of Canadian football player Paul Brule[1] (of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Rough Riders, and Alouettes), and Virge Brule, an artist,[2] he moved to the United Kingdom in 1989 and trained as a journalist with the BBC. He subsequently wrote for The Guardian, Stern, The Sunday Times and Vanity Fair. After being shot by a sniper while covering the Afghanistan war in March 1994 and losing the use of his left hand, Brûlé left journalism and launched Wallpaper*, a style and fashion magazine which was one of the most influential launches of the 1990s. Time Warner bought it in 1997, and kept Brûlé on as editorial director. Two spin-off magazines were launched: "Line" addressing sports and "Spruce" covering fashion; both were discontinued after three issues. In 2001 he became the youngest ever recipient of the British Society of Magazine Editors' Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 2001 he was hired to design the "look and feel" of Swiss International Air Lines at their relaunch, after the collapse of Swissair.[3]

In May 2002, Brûlé left Wallpaper and concentrated on Winkmedia (now Winkreative), a design agency he founded in 1998.

In 2005, Brûlé hosted the TV media magazine The Desk on BBC Four. In 2006, he co-produced Counter Culture, a documentary series about cultural aspects of shopping, on the same channel.

He was a columnist for the Financial Times, The New York Times, and Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag. His "Fast Lane" column, which appeared in the weekend supplement of the Financial Times, covered his observations on travel, trends and high-end consumer goods gathered in the course of his travels during the week, which often seemed to involve visits to more than two continents.

In October 2006, he announced that he would create a new magazine, to be called Monocle, which launched February 15, 2007. In December 2006, he announced in "Fast Lane" that he would be taking a break from the column to work on projects. On February 14, 2007, the International Herald Tribune announced a "new weekly column on urbanism and global navigation" by Brûlé, starting on the 3rd of March.

On April 2nd 2008, it was announced that Brûlé will leave the International Herald Tribune to revive his weekly column, Fast Lane, on April 26, when FT Weekend relaunched.

According to UK fashion sources, Tyler Brule is rumored to be the main contributor in the forthcoming Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly.


Also I thought this was interesting..

Tyler Brûlé’s Monocle magazine gets more and more interesting. The April 2009 edition focuses on the state of retail and talks about what drives retail success in these tough times.

Ten key attributes in the retail experience according to Monocle are:

1. Service minded, smartly dressed, enthusiastic staff
2. Obsessive attention to detail
3. A memorable welcoming scent in the air
4. Good music in the background
5. Flattering lighting
6. Treats with all purchases
7. Impeccable packaging
8. An inviting façade
9. A unique original product mix
10. A passion to constantly innovate


Guys, I really enjoy Monocle. Is m x spend 2hrs over the weekend browsing. Wallpaper use 2 b my fav last year but 2 me Monocle is much more sophisticated:)


Kitty said...

Oh CEe,,,

I finally feel like I can use my creative talents and be cool too...


Thanks for all the inspiration...!!!

theceelist said...

I know I lk 2 read info about pep who r doing amazing things.

info about retail is soo true ilk stores who has nice bags & a nice smell. I went in a store the other day & it smelled cheap so I left even though the cloths were nice the smell of the store was a turn off.

this is a cool clip..

b sure 2 watch the vids on the monocle site..relaxing:)