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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miley Cyrus:)...

Guys, I hv a confession..I lk sm of Miley's guys that must be sooo fun 2 rock the stage with ur dad..imangine that..Id luuuuuuvvvvv @ least 1ce in a life x!!! dont hate on yeaaaaahhhh!!!


Kitty said...


I luv that song... 'Cee You Again"

She's bouncy and poppy and fun!!! LOLOLOLOL!

Thank you for putting her up.

theceelist said...

Heeey Kitty!!!

I know me 2!!

Its amazing how 1 lil teen can fill out a entire stadium ALONE!

& she is talented..she can sing & shes full of energy!

I'd go 2 1 of her concerts in

Kitty said...

Oh yeah Cee...

She struts some BIG Stuff!

theceelist said...

LOL..she a cut girl with a STRONG voice..I would guess her voice would get sorta rough all that singing & stuff. her eyes r nice I think theryre deep blue aqua..but she wears gray contacts.