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Friday, October 2, 2009


Guys, my mom,dad & my sis told me how comfy these boost r 4 years but I just ignored wht they said because the way the look...but omg when I put these boots on they were amazingly comfy..especially in the cold feels as though ur feet r in a extremely comfy couch..soft & fuzzy! I think the fringes r sooo cute in these boots! In fact I'm about 2 walk out the door with them on right this

& what does uggs mean .. I think theres a bit of a miss understanding 2 this word turned brand..
Do you love the look of UGG boots and shoes, but can't quite figure out where the name UGG comes from? It is an unusual name. UGGs have a rich history that is quite surprising.

To start with, UGGs are a type of boot that was originally made by sheep shearers in the Outback of Australia. These sheep shearers tended the flocks of Merino sheep, some of the softest and highest quality wool available. To combat the coldness of early mornings and late nights in the Outback, sheep shearers began making a type of slip-on boot that was double sided - incredibly soft, fluffy Merino wool on the inside and soft yet sturdy sheepskin on the outside.

Hence it MUST b made of sheep's shearers ! ..I covered uggs  b4 but I just wanted 2 elaborate a bit more.



Kitty said...

Me want UGGGS!

Coolcool Cee... :)

theceelist said...

Not yet.. huh?,,GO GET UGGS!!!

oh kitty my uggs kept me comfy alll day 2day on a stressful day:);)