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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Blow



Kitty said...

Hahahahahahalarious CeeCee!!!

She is some funny dorky girl!

Who knows why the guy doesn't call back?

Maybe cause she eats meat and he is a veg?

Maybe cause her clothes are so plain? Maybe she should wear those Hermes heels... and ROCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Want you think BIGF?

theceelist said...

Ur hilarious the Hermes heels..ur 2ooooooooooooo funny 2night!!!!HugeLOOOOOOL's

She's 2 Shaggy & Scooby do ascidy??..LOL.LOL

Kitty said...

CEECEE... she's not too soft... some man have 2 wrestle her to the ground... and tape her mouth shut for a week or so!

maybe uggs would b more her style????????

theceelist said...

Shes really funny but she may a lil over the me oh noooo..LOL>>LOL

I think she need the Hermes & the BBC Cardigan & 1 of those scarfs maybe?

She really talented..though.. I woldnt mind going 2 see a concert Id b LOL & every1 would get really upset with