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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Standard Hotels/ Andre Tamás Balázs

Andre Tamás Balázs (b. 1957 in Budapest, Hungary) is a New York City hotelier and residential developer.

Guys uve got 2 go here 1 day:) The panoramic view..outstanding ..Ahhh! U can also see the Lady Liberty! U guys see the pic with the bed & the pic with the tub ..put those 2 2 gether & that's the room.
It's a mix of old & new retro.I really lk clean hotels that have nice white linen even if the room is standard with a view.. The Standard is everything I imagined + more!:)

Clean Pure Decadence!

More info & floor planes..

U can also enjoy lil restaurants across the street & do sm shopping in the area. There's also a Mathew Williams store around the corner:)If that's 2 there's a Scoop NYC across the street..lots of cute dresses.

I recommend this brand practical & comfy..Found at Scoop...

Guys, be sure 2 go 2 Chelsea Piers & sit by the water or stand what suites another option..


Kitty said...


Soooo brilliant... every part of it... the location, the views, the design, the prices... ahhhhhh... inspiration... all from a hotel...

Oh... gotta go.... gotta go to the Standard...

And the dresses were sweet too... wear one of those at the Standard... with high, high heels... weeeeeeeeeeee!

Thanks Cee.... :)

theceelist said...

It is! Dnt miss out on this 1! & the wifi is free! dnt u hate hotels that charge 4 wifi.

Please go!

I know the dresses r so simple but cute.I bought 2. The lady on the vid has on a dress lk. & I luv his office the book shelf I wonder wht book r on the shelves prob architectural. I did wear 1 while i was there. is always fun 2 look extra hot while vacationing 4 sm reason. This hotel make me feel sexy..looool! dnt u just luv that


Kitty said...

Cee... you're a crazxy girl!

I bet you look bleutiful in your new dresses... COOL!

I bet Andre reads/looks at all kinds of books and gets inspiration everywhere... he has such a rich, happy, simple style... it's marvelous.

Free wifi is a right that should be written into the Constitution.

Have fun girly!

theceelist said...

Me am

me in those dresses Incredible..I hope I kinda added my own twist 2 them

ur right i bet he does have assorted topics. I know if I designed building the way he does i'd think WOW I designed this.AMAZING! Iwant to go 2 the 1 in miami. It looks really nice.

I cnt imangine life w/o wifi!:)