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Monday, July 27, 2009

I know thatwas a weird vid u dnt hv 2 say but I lk the sng cute:) LOL these r vid I had saved & been meaning 2 post but.. so im posting them 2night:)



Kitty said...

Ohhhhhhhh Cee...

I wish I had watched this when I first woke up this morning... it MAKES ME SO HAPPY for some dumb reason...

I'm trying to work hard but I just want to be "Hello Kitty" all day long!

Meow Cee... thank you for all the greatgreatgreat STUFF~~~~~~~~~~

Hope you are happy today!

theceelist said...

Ohhh Kitty! I know I luv this sng I lk 2 put on my belly dancing skirt & dance around 2 this sng:)

Oh my god hello kitty hello kitty! blogging is ool outage:)
Meow not that again. embarrassing azz gel..LOL!

Happy 2day now I am LOL!:) Tired yesterday but happy. Ive been in film class..
I hp u r &:)ing!