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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heaven on earth?

Heaven must be incredible because OOOO MMMMMYYYYYY GOD Guys! My mom just reminded me about Lala P next week! My bro & my fav KILLERS will be there! OMY GOD! A day worth flying 2 the CHI 4:) Don't think about it JUST DO IT! lol!!!

4 my bros!

& 2morrow starts All Points West!
CoooooLLLDDDDDPPPLAAAAY on Sunday! Dnt 4get Qtip I think hes 1 of those artist who 4 sm reason dosnt get the acknowledgement he deserves!Imma hook Q>Tip up on here just fact Imma dedicate a ENTIRE week 2 Q.Tip.. myaaaan!LOL

More my MOST FAV!

Guys, I want 2 post the actually vid but their stuff is really locked down.LMf'in head offfO! give me a break!LOL

Guys BTW Im really SUPER HAPPY this summer. Enjoy! & I'll be posting back 2 normal in AUG;)So excuse the randomness:)LOL


Kitty said...

Heyyyyyyyy CeeCee!

One day I'm gonna go to Lala P... and I'm gonna wear a cool mask and stroll around and take everything in... waaaa.

These are sooooo cool vids.. I'm gonna enjoy listening to them all weekend... I didn't use to like music that much but now I love it and it makes me very happy to listen and I read the lyrics too... I NEVER listened to the lyrics my whole life... I think I'm kinda retarded in some ways there is so much about the world that I don;t know anything about...

TGIF Cee... thanks for all the GREAT stuff...

theceelist said...

Heeeey! Kitty!

LOL Yeah u do wht ever u see it urs!!!lolI dnt think u hv 2 wear a mask every1s high Azz

Vd cool. wow all from a blog
theres alot i dnt know either