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Friday, July 10, 2009

Alan Wong/Hawaii

Chef Alan Wong, winner of the 1996 James Beard Northwest Chef Award for Best Chef, Pacific Northwest/ Hawaii, and his restaurant staff offer guests a unique taste of Hawaiian Regional Cuisine. The Chef's innovative dishes are a direct reflection of the diversified cultures living in the islands; a rich mixture of traditions, lifestyles, and most importantly, people.

Utilizing the freshest of locally grown produce and the bounties of the Pacific Ocean result in the Chef's highly personal adaptation of the contemporary style of cooking found here in Hawaii today. The goal is to give diners a true slice of Hawaii by incorporating ingredients familiar to the Islands.

Guys,when u visit b sure 2 eat here. 4 some reason I cant bring myself 2 eat Mahi Mahi ..I think its the color that throws me off.. Ive never eaten it.. may 1day:).lol


Kitty said...

Waaaaaaaaaaa Cee...

Sunshine... such beautiful sunshine and Alan Wong... I want to take cooking lessons from him... yummmmyyyy!

Thank you ///Cee///

theceelist said...

yeah i dont know how 2 cool Hawaiian food yet that would b cool:)

thank u!:)