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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chelsea 4 Galleries

Guys, I 4 got 2 mention all the art galleries in Chelsea. Be sure to take a look at the meatpacking district map:) & if u go be sure 2 take ur best camera lots of cool buildings:)

Guys, next post Soho & shopping huh? dnt know that'll b 2



Kitty said...

Oh Cee..... I don't think I'm cool enough for those art galleries... nooooooo.

Milk Studios has very cool spaces... you could commercials there... Cee List commercials!

I want to wear HIGH high heels. Just around the house for FUN!

theceelist said...

Of course u r. Go out of ur comfort zone. I do as much as possible. U can get 2 know alot about how u react in a diff surrounding and diff peop/classes races.. wealthy or poor.

OMG!a cee commercial..that be sooo thats funny:)u think u can b in it if

wear heel when u go 2