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Friday, October 1, 2010

A MODEL SUMMER by Paulina Porizkova

From Publishers Weekly

Set in 1980, this smooth, predictable first novel by model, actress and children's book author Porizkova tells the story of Jirina, who arrives in Paris a beautiful 15-year-old aspiring model. A Swede of Czech background, Jirina escapes teasing classmates when she's discovered and shipped off to a well-known modeling agency. Leaving behind divorced, unsympathetic parents and a beloved little sister, Jirina moves into the apartment of agency head Jean-Claude; his depressed ex-model wife, Marina; their neglected baby daughter; and another Swedish teen model. As household tensions rise, Jirina strikes out on her own, befriending the famous model Evalinda (also from Sweden), a gay makeup artist and a rich, cultured man who worships her—all while nursing a crush on a dashing Australian photographer. Jirina slowly gains confidence; meanwhile, those around her abuse drugs, have abortions, attempt suicide, get gay-bashed and die tragically. Jirina loses her virginity, finds disappointment in love and learns to use sex to forward her career. Her drive is palpable and her voice believable, but Jirina isn't much fun (others, bien sûr, are downright mean), and you can see the plot points coming from way down the runway. Too many loose ends make for an unsatisfying finale. (Apr.)

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After I read the 1st and 2nd chapter I downloaded it. It's a good read!:)


Kitty said...


I just ordered the book!!!!

It will be CRAZY to read it!!!!!


theceelist said...

I did the exact same thig lk really good:)ull lk I promise!!!:);)

Kitty said...


It seems PRETTY WILD!!!!


The posts you put up are GORGEOUS!

theceelist said...

BONJOUR BONJOUR WEWEEE I guess I shoul tell u the ending...LOL hahahaaa im kidding im kidding..LOL

isnt taht funny how sm pep do that lk the the hell..LOL

Kitty said...

They shipoped the book ALREADY!!!!

theceelist said...

KeewL Kittt...LOL:)

Kitty said...

Can't wait to read it!!!!

Practice makeup today CEE!!!

Kitty said...

The book came today!!!!

I'll tell you in a day what I THINK!!!

Kitty said...


I luv the book--- CHICKLIT!!!!

Half through now!!!! Read it all day and didn't WORK!

Kitty said...


In the chicklit she may get her prince charming!!!!

Can't wait to find out!!!!!!!

Kitty said...


She gets the prince charming! DOPENESS!!!!

So I finished reading the book then left it on the back of the car and drove away... GONE AWAY!

I'm a DOLT!