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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Prada Spring 2011 Ready- to- Wear

she's cute and her silver eyes r great too!
I have a dress like this which I bought from a resale store a year ago. I havn't worn it yet, I'v been tryng to figure what to wear it with. I think orange is the perfect match.

cute sunnies!
cute holiday outfi!

I really love the  mitch - match and those fuzzy wuzzys are beyond cute.I wish I could have each and every color.I'd put them everywhere! They would be so fun cozzy and comfy to wear and carry!:)

I was getting dressed last weekend and I was asking for opinions as what I should wear. I intentionally dress mitch match most of the time. Everyone was telling me how I didn't match, so I told them that's the whole point. I thought you guys knew me

 Very few people are daring enough to wear orange but I most certantly will and I feel very confortable wearing bold colors!:) So guys try it out and you may LUV LUV!  It's quite fun!:)ha!:)what else is there to say besides.. hum..I LUV this sh**..LOL

Prada delivered electric hits of orange, green, blue, and radioactive violet in deliberately plain cotton suits, like the most (extra)ordinary uniforms. That theme continued.


Kitty said...



!!!!! OH OH OH OH OH !!!!!


Kitty said...


theceelist said...

Kitttyyyyy heeeeeey... Kitty that vid is blurry and fuzzy I'm gonna post another ,..,,. Talk about'm watching it now...u can toto the prada site... It's really clear! sorry for torturing

theceelist said...

I'm gonna add the white dress with the pineapple girl head... @@@@@ tmmrw!

theceelist said...

Wait a min I minute sm x today... LoL

Kitty said...

"... white dress with the pineapple girl head..."


theceelist said...

I gonna add that pineapple head dress tmmrw:)