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Friday, October 1, 2010

Miu Miu

The two new hottest faces in town Lindsey Wixson & Anais Pouliot. Both are super cute and I luv the hair!I luv the full lips. So pucker those lips girls!:)lol

   Resort 2011
To me these  are a cross between playful, fun and young /yet old-maid quirkyness . I really lk them!:)The apples are too cute as well!;)Miu Miu is my favorite a@ the moment!:)LUV LUV:)

Ready-to-Wear 2010
This line seems as though it  was specially crafted for

 Director by Madonna

Runway :Youtube
Backstage: Youtube 


Kitty said...


I LUV LUV LUV the top collection with the HEARTS!!!! I ADORE IT!!!!

The second one is PUUURFECT for you!!!!! And the SHOES!!! JUST WILD!!!!!

Put the vid Madonna made on on on my tumblr!!!!

Kitty said...

Is this the same girl CEE???

theceelist said...

Ur posting on ur tumbler r cool...;)
The talashi exhibit I may post that too I really lk it!- I dnt thinks that's the same girl she had adiff name but her lips r full 2 - I watch the show early this morning... I'm gonna put more up:)

Kitty said...