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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Lotus

The Lotus

The beautiful charm. The bright. The vibrant. The color that it spreads; and brings life to the deadest of things. This beautiful life that will withheld sentiment.

Anguish ,reminiscence , bliss
 I now hold at my fingertips. Its wonderfully silken gentleness, are now plucked & lay on the strenuous ground that also beckons for its touch. And is it done?

It is dead?

It's not...but this is fine...because this is anticipated.

And as this happens, something rises. Is it tension? Sadness? Adrenaline? ...Glee...Mirth... An ebullient laugh.

And this person starts to think, as the once lively lotus purple hazes.

 This lotus as it has faded overtime; wanting to impale this comely beauty, freeze its time, the same as she wants to stop her own. This beauty becoming something only for her zealous eyes. Moving shriveled hands into a grasp, taking fresh life. 

The lotus life shortened from the moments it is plucked from earth. The hard table that it sits on
Waiting, the true living dead

Her wrinkles becoming kind and soft, as she watches. She observes carefully and blissfully, Scrutiny, watching and waiting.

Through this she cannot experiance the lives closes to her than a mere lotus.

By Z & Cee


Kitty said...


theceelist said...

Glad u lk:) I was adding sm lines to it since the summer:)

Kitty said...


You are so smaert and cleaver...

theceelist said...

tnx Kitty ur 2:)

i saw ur pumagrants and i was @ the store i bought 1 yesterday:)

Kitty said...

neat Cee! enoy the poemagranite!

i got 2 mangoes and some desiolious pairs!

Kitty said...


Today I bought a poemagranite to try!

And i got 2 mangoes!

theceelist said...

KITTY!!!! poemagranite r so fun and crunchy to eat:)

I hd mango juice this morning wuth crushed ice sooooo refreshing:)

Kitty I miss U U U:)lol