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Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of the most sensuous of attire- the sari, adorns a woman to become modest and attractive in it. It is not cumbersome but a great antique that suits to any occasion. The great Indian women in different spheres of life, the rich and the poor admire and appreciate the style and strength of the sari.

Though one of the oldest apparels, there is something mystical about the way one wraps, folds, tucks and drapes a seamless piece of cloth: creating a form from the formless. The sari both conceals and reveals, depending on the weaver’s whim and conditioning. The versatile sari has its variety fashion in adorning in this multicultural society of India . The Style, texture varies from south to north and east to west in India . The latest trend in sari-blouses has become a style of added value to the wearer with a magnetic grace and attraction.

My mom has lots of saris. When I was younger my dad would bring for my mom and my sisters and I  fine silk and jade jewlery and gold earings from India:)


Kitty said...

LUV IT and want wear a sari!!!!!!!!!

Lucky you Cee! Dad bringing home things from India!!!

theceelist said...

Yeah its funny to look bk and be lk dad is really a kind dad ..I didnt know what to do with a silk sari ..but lk now Im lk hey mom and dad where that silk..Im ganna ask her:). mom really luvs cloths but my aunt even more so she sent me this pkg yesterday..Ill share sm soon:)

Kitty said...

Cool Cee.... hope you got nice stuffs in dea poackage

I especialize like the 3rd and 4th onews... :)

theceelist said...

Ohhhh Kitty I did I did:)

yeah the tuscan red ng gold is nice all of them all r:)