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Friday, June 12, 2009

Whole Foods

Guys, so my family has a thing 4 health food stores. Ever since we were child red my parents always took us to health food stores as a family outing. they tricked us into thinking raisins nuts granola yogurt & dates were dessert. & of course those yummy orange pealing....jking:) i guess it one of those that just kinda stuck.

So, guys gotta go to this 1. It's the best Whole foods I've EVER been in In my ENTIRE LIFE..LOL..It's like a food art gallery ..the lay out is f'in NICE!>>LOL the fruites & veggies r so entising. U'll be willing 2 pay that extra whole food price..LOL ..I guarantee u u'll have a n organic experience!:)

Neighborhood: Near North Side
1550 N Kingsbury St
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 587-0648


Kitty said...

A friend called it "Whole Paycheck" the other day... cause you want to buy everything!!!

But that is ok... spending a lot of money on good food is smart!!!

HEalthy CEEEE...

theceelist said...

I Luv hat term. i think is about moderation. most pep eat fast food lunches which r expensive & then turn around & say i cant afford 2 eat healthy..LOL really retarted