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Friday, June 12, 2009

Owl City

4 the the fam>>LOL my gift 2 u guys:);)
Guys, every 1 in my family LUUUUVVVVS ..sweet strawberries they r like diamonds & gold 2 us! Some x I buy lk 12 cases & they all be gone the same day if my family visits.. & in the summer my mom goes to the farmers market & buys my dad chocolate covered strawberries as & he's the happiest man

1 of my fav web sites..Adam's music is very relaxing & I always go 2 sleep listening 2..I lk the lyrics because they r really chill. & I lk that. LOL


Kitty said...

LuVVVV it Cee... :)

Thanks for Owl City...

theceelist said...

Dont u LUV it!:)