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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


From Monocle (Click Monocle to watch 1st video)

Culture editor Robert Bound reports from the 2011 Venice Biennale, pitching the cream of contemporary art against the most classical backdrop of them all. Away from the parties and gin palaces parked on the Grand Canal, this year's show was an overtly political affair with an engaged Middle Eastern showing and the national pavilions of Old Europe offering their walls up to all comers. The Art Olympics are back in town.


Kitty said...

I saving this for tomorrow CEE!!!

TRhanks for all da purty and kewl STUFF!!!!

theceelist said...

Wake up wake up stop going to sleep tooo early tk a nap in the day & play all night!!))))))) lol

Kitty said...


Im sleepy cause no 1 to play wid me!!!!

theceelist said...

I'm here I'm here hello kitty hello...waving good night I guess or hello ?! Loling