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Friday, July 29, 2011

I Hope Everyone Is Feeling Summery and...


As for me I'm feeling Sunny & disco-y:)


Kitty said...


gotta where my platFORM shoeies to dance around to diz songs!!!!


theceelist said...

Hey There Kitty!!

Yeah go get them now & dance 4 hours and hours untill u fall asleep with them kitty dance !!!:);) yeah-yah


Kitty said...

I can dancin till fall asleep!!!!

and then snorin on dance floor everyone do a snake dance!!!!

with the sparkly disco ball swingin!!!

went playin w/ my gf CEeeee... too mush FUN!!!

theceelist said...

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ur feelin pretty alive thats GREAT!!!:)

yeah do sm belly dnce moves in there 2....

our feet will b aching & well fall asleep with out shoes

fun x with my bibkat..loling

Kitty said...


doughnut have toooooo mush fun! CEEEE!!

you'd get sick laffing!!!!


theceelist said...

yeah KITTY where the hell r U))))))loling i kidding i hv sm fun stuff later.

Hv a happy Sunday:)

Kitty said...



Now swimming!!!!!!

Kitty said...

No swimming.... but had FUN!!!

Swoming later!

theceelist said...

Hey kitty!!!

Which color?...

So no swimming tmmrw snds good.. :)

I was going to go yesterday but forgot to put my goggles in my gym bag so I went in the steam room them groomed myself shiny hair!

Stayed out soooooo long in the hot sun today & my skin is radiant;)

Kitty I bet ur nails look splendid !:)

Kitty said...


Me townails are darky orangy... de look good!!!

I luv da steamy room and lookignn radiant skin!!!!

I wish I could get in sunny more 2!!!

Have a great weak CEEEEEEE!!!

theceelist said...

Hey kitty!! That snds lk a nice color;)

U r funny with ur speach I hp I'm not responsible 4 that lol

.. I think I'm going to mk better grammar efforts... Lol but sm x it's my phone spell check not me. If u even care idk loling

Hv a radicle week bibkat!!;)

Kitty said...


eir dont giva a sh!tz bout grmammars


theceelist said...

Ok.. That's hilarious & ur toooooo great... a new 1 then roooling my azzz offf lol rolf I'm guessing lol... We r tlking lk we r high azz hell though lol

theceelist said...

Shaggy & scobby dooooo loling

Kitty said...

We r tlking lk we r high azz hell though lol

cauz we r!!!!

my hair iz crazzee toady CEEEE!!!!

Kitty said...

my gf made peachy ize cream!!!!!

Kitty said...


wez hav nu lil kitten on r house!!!!

his name iz mr buttons!!!!!

he'z 9 weeks baby

theceelist said...

How fun ice cream & cute lil kittens.. Congrats.. I'm allergic to those cute lil fur balls 2 so yes most cats and dogs unless there in a huge open space but but all cats & digs just some.. I'm really happy 4u:)

Kitty said...

CEEEEE... u up sooo late!!!!

makeup practice an trying on outfits????????

theceelist said...

Chillin lk a mf'er jking loling

Suhoor :)

Kitty said...


Waz iz Suhoor?

theceelist said...

Heres the meaning ~~~^_^

Kitty said...

oh cee... lk brake fast pre dawn!

theceelist said...

Yes! exaaaactaly breakfast in the morning i usually hv fruit,water juice & Natru Burst super food blendn powder ts good with honey & milk:)

missed Suhoor today:(