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Friday, July 29, 2011

American Apparrel

'Loose Crop Tank'

I really luv this '3-D Flower Mesh Jumper'
Above is /\ iphone dressing room pic. Trying on the 'Mesh Jumper' before purchasing!:)I'm Instantly Pleased:)

Notice how retailers have put more decorative effort in fitting rooms and they've have gotten quite spiffy!

Because I know my size, I usually just grab and go.

But the 'Flower Mesh Jumper' is so cute wanted to try it on before buying. I noticed the lighting inside American Apparel's  fitting room is spectacular! It reminds me of the Lighsaber lightning above:)

I have a pair of these 'The Disco Pants' and they're my most fav pants in the
'Shiny High-Waist Legging'


I can never  have too many leggings:)

I wear them lunch date, sleep, shop, lounge, play,gym:)


Kitty said...

CEEEEEE dos leggings looka kewl!!!

An luvluv the 3d top!!! want in blackie though!!!

SATurday and i warshed da dog... wet dog SMELL EVERYWHERE!!!!

Kitty said...

Sunny Saturday!!!

theceelist said...

I guess u should air out the house and blow dry the dog..i dnt know if ther lk that..or just let him/her go run around outside 2 dry;)

..i got the jumper i couldnt walk away from it 2nd x around got the cream 1 (2nd) i wonder if I should hv gotton the white instead..hum.

today and did studio cycling class it was really fun!!

im gonna add another pair:)

yes Sunny Saturday!!!

Kitty said...


i bets u lul fav in do pants////


fallllin is sleepland!

theceelist said...

Kitty whts going on we keep missing each other..or r u doing that on

heloooooooooooooow Kiiiiiiiiiity:)

Im sleepy 2 :)

Kitty said...


I luv to sleep and sooooooooo sorri messing... err missing you...

Knot on purpose...nooooo... crazy sched... silly dumdum sched...

so hav funn and DISCO!!!

theceelist said...

its cool i understand every1 need sm apace alone ..loling :)

Kitty said...


theceelist said...

I luv sleeping alone most of the x sm x I lk to cuddle if so I cuddle with my pillow... Lmaoffff rolling loling

theceelist said...

U ever sleep with sm 1 & they sleep craaaaazay & in the middle of the night u b lk get the f outta my bed right this second. Loling I'm not bold enough to say it but I will think it..

I hd the funniest dream last night OMG:)