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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Panoramic View of The Palace and Gardens of Versailles by John Vanderlyn

This circular panoramic view of Versailles was painted at Kingston, New York, and New York City between 1818 and 1819. Vanderlyn used numerous sketches (Senate House Museum, Kingston, New York) that he had made at Versailles in 1814. The perspective was carefully adjusted to the circular shape. The painting was originally intended for display in the Rotunda built by Vanderlyn in 1818 at the northeast corner of City Hall Park in New York. Its showing there was not as successful as Vanderlyn had wished. In search of some profit, Vanderlyn toured intermittently with the panorama until his death. The artist depicted himself pointing out Czar Alexander I and King Frederick William II of Prussia to the right of the Basin de Latone.


Kitty said...

Kewl kewl kewl CEEE.

I love dat garden wish every city had one.

And i'd lik wear a long full gown!

theceelist said...

I know tk a nap there 2. :)

Kitty said...

Want nappy in garden!!!!!

Smelliong da flowers w/ CEEEE

theceelist said...

Yeah well bring our pillows & blanket & strawberries mangoes blueberries & 1 banana just 1 they mush tooooooo fast...loling

theceelist said...

No watermelon the juice is too messy will drip on our pillows & blanket?!

theceelist said...

Wait a min the berries r going to stain out linen hum...kitty u bring a gallon if water & paper towels (clean our hands and face) I'll bring everything else:)