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Friday, August 1, 2014


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Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is the best upcoming rapper on the seen. his music is fun and cleaver! He seems to be a smart bright guy, you can tell by his lyrics.He's know from the TV show Community
One of my fams FAV !

Cut Copy

Strange azz video
My winter survival song


Hype Song now I know its time to party with my exciting

 Likkie li

My ultimate love and passion song! My idea of the perfect love/


 How EXCITING!! 2  Classic rappers on the same song!!


I had to hustle, my back to the wall, ashy knuckles 

RENEGADE! Never been afraid to say
what's on my mind at, any given time of day
Cause I'm a RENEGADE! Never been afraid to talk
about anything (ANYTHING) anything (ANYTHING), RENEGADE!

See, I'm a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare*

 The kooks

End of the summer songs

I have some enemy who try to bring me down. That's fine because  I'm a chess player!
I'm going to try my darnest to win!! Cuz I'm a Renegade


he wont be here but this is the perfect get ready for  outdoor festi song. And then we all hop in the car and roll all the windows down with our crazy colorful cloths, sunnies , necklaces and bracelets and feathers blowing everywhere!!

What's a matter with going places?

Take that gross look off your faces

Empty loving makes me seasick

What you're here for, I don't need it

Ok guys, are you ready to have FUN??!! Oh and don't do any psychedelics acid or shrooms or whatever!!

Alright Lets GOOOOOOOOOO party in the park and have some fun!!!lol

Lolla P