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Monday, August 18, 2014

Bloomberg Travel and Luxury

Luxury is More Than Money

The News Redefined

Have you strolled through luxury? Often belittled into the depth of monetary equity, we see that it elevates past that superficial title into a regimen. It requires culture and maintenance, ripened through the relentless education of humanities and possession. Possession of the materialistic, as well as the intangible: of veracity, entitlement, flexibility, and wealth. It renames the pessimistic attributes of aristocracy from their ill-conceived bitter reputation, to their pure form of philanthropic love. Ownership at it’s finest point –compassion and knowledge. If luxury flourishes from the pride of transcendence, then it privileges itself away from ignorance by enlightenment. 

There is nobility in all emotion, but often the only immortalized are from solemnness, despair, and melancholy. Allow Bloomberg to show you the other side; of nurturing euphoria, and experiencing the world.

So readers, stroll on. Enlighten yourself!