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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Korean Festival

Traditional Korean wrestling Hangul: 씨름

"Ssireum is a sport quite similar to Japanese sumo. While the two athletes try to push the other out of the ring in sumo, ssireum athletes use various techniques with their legs, arms and torso to bring the other down on the sand."

By Lee Sang-jun

More than three decades ago, hanboka traditional form of Korean clothing, was very much a part of every Korean's wardrobe. Like all clothing, hanbok also changed over the years with fluctuating fashion trends. Hanbok designs underwent many changes throughout Korea's turbulent history. The hanbok we wear today are reminiscent of the late Joseon Dynasty (early 20th century).
In traditional hanbok design, curved features are important. As they are not meant to be tight fitting, the inherent beauty of hanbok is apparent in its elegance and style created by the abundance of material. The curves and vibrant colours of hanbok have had a significant impact on the Korean fashion industry. By combining traditional dress with modern fashion, a series of fusion hanbok designs were introduced. Designs and patterns of hanbok have even been applied to architecture.

Two Cutties! I just had to stop and snap some pictures, They were so stylish and I love their outfits:)

~A Touch of K-Pop (Korean Pop)

Are you ready to jet off to Seoul Korea?

                                           Last month I made Chap Chea (Glass Noodle 당면)

Korean barbecue is the BEST!
Everyone lover lemonade") Summer Time Fun

My favorite part of the festival, the parade!:)