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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I use to shop at Urban Outfitters weekly on a weekly basis. It use to be one of my favoriet stores.So  I poped in  last week breefly while waiting on my Yoga class to start. I Recolected   why it was one of my fav stores . They have the cutest beautifully priced accessories!:)

Above are feathered head bands and earings perfect for outdoor concerts!:)

All the sunglasses are men accessories,  perfectly priced. No need to cry if they were to get lost, broken  or scratched:)I'd wear each pair!

 Urban Outfitters

I like how the DJ incorperated  Nas's beat to HERO in the above!:)...

Nas! YES!

Nas is one of me and my fam's Fav rappers he will be @ Lolla P 2011 along with Damian Marley!:)


Kitty said...


Haeppy saturnday!!!

i lurv these one!!!

Especial the muzic!!!!

Kitty said...

Ceee... I thought i leaf a comment last night... :(

theceelist said...

No worries glad u like... ur here!! there u r right /\ there no need to explain ur wonderful:)

Kitty said...

ur wonnerful gf!

sleepy nows!

theceelist said...

I'm Sortta I slept to long today I hv to do smthing to exert myself tmmrw!