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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nacho Carbonell LUCIFERASE @ Galerie BSL

With ‘Luciferase’, Nacho Carbonell presents for the first time work incorporating light, all these unique pieces being edited by Galerie BSL. A collection which is above all a set of living organisms capable of surprising us by their colours, textures and demeanor. ‘The root of this word is “carrier of light” *, explains Nacho Carbonell, and reflects the system used by flora and fauna living in abysses, in the total obscurity found at great depths.

"Even more than lights, I consider these pieces like light-producing creatures.’ * Luciferase, Latin lux fero: photon-producing enzyme, present in the luminous organs of certain plants and animals."-Nacho Carbonell 

About Galerie BSL

Opened in Paris' Marais district this May, Galerie BSL provides space for confrontation and conversation among one-off and limited edition design-art pieces, ranging from jewellery and fashion to furniture and lighting.


Kitty said...


Houded I miss diz KILLER POST????

I luvluvluv des artz!!!


theceelist said...

Hi Kitty!! Rnt they so pretty.. It would b cool to hv 1:)

Kitty said...


Kitty said...

Eye LUV da second 1!!!!

Kitty said...

Here we go CEEEEE!

theceelist said...

Hi Kitty!! I really lk that 4th 1 the color & the 6th  1 that pretty green this colors r so calm.. All r cute the artist did a good job with the description :)

That train ride look elegant.. Yesterday i was just talking about how I hate taking trains frOm state to state which I did 1 l x last year it was such a drag..I'd rather pay fora flight .. And  I don't mind outta county trains & this looks cool ...So it's funny 

Tnx 4 sharing really luvly ride:)

theceelist said...

....However X spent with my mom was Priceless .yeah!!