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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Awesome Urban Outfitters Finds!:)

$2.99 floppy sun hat, talk about an awesome buy:)

Pix via my  iPhone

Hippy Head band $2, 3D robotic feel Sunnies $8, Feather earrings $10,beaded Sandals $20, cotton and lace Skirt$5, kamechi Blue fringe Paris and NYC  bag $5 each, and urber retro socks $3, As for the fringe vest, I cant remember the price. I bought it two years ago on a shopping outing with my mom. I'm not sure of the cost but it was on sale, I can promise you that:)I'll carry the Paris bag when I'm in NYC & the NYC bag when I'm in Paree:)I'll wear the floppy sun hat in both:) FUN

As for bags, cloths, shoes and accessories, If they're not gifts, I mosty buy clearance. Travel, books, and art is where I don't mind splurging. :)


Kitty said...


Luv da outfits!!!

Kitty said...

Especial luv dat hat CEEEE.

Gotta go work in garden i wish i had it!!!

theceelist said...

Tnx bibat ..the sandals r a lil big I wear an 8-or 81/2 but they r 9 a lil big but theyll work!

Yes the hat is perfect a diff a hat can mk in the hot sun.

hv fun in ur garden:)

Unknown said...

Those bags & the hat are so cute!

theceelist said...

Hi Gigi!:)

& the price makes them even cuter:)

Kitty said...


Noz garden!!!!

Play w/ makeup!!!!

Hi Gigi!!!

theceelist said...

Oh cool Kitty mk up day urban has sm cool mk up on sale!

..I md carrot cake yesterday..I think i added too much baking soda a lil salty and it was ok:)