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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tell You How My $ Spent~``~

Book my stays and draw my shades~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hot sunnies are a must! Instantly grab yourself  a summer alter ego!



Kitty said...



kant decide what one i likr best!!!!

Glossy lips to die 4

Kitty said...

Want the black pradas... knockoffs!

theceelist said...

Knockoffs lol huh U gonna go to china town lol

I lose glasses sm x u know if u want a discount u can go 2 this store called A Second Chance in Soho.. Ny.. Last x I went nice Chanel vintage Chain belt lots of Chanel items!:)

Kitty said...

I thunk i go chinatown Cee! to get my glasses!!!

theceelist said...

Y rush 2 the poor hs if we dnt hv 2 huh... Lol... I wonder if the 1s in china town r as sturdy who know & who cares if they r gonna get lost & scratched anyways lol

theceelist said...

.. I really lk the georgio Armani with the red lips/\

theceelist said...

these r cute the were 175 in the winter they went lk hot cakes.