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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Bay of Puerto Banus

Hop in lets go for  ride....

Puerto Jose Banus is a luxury marina located in the area known as New Spain, west of Marbella, Spain, near another village called Marbella San Pedro de Alcantara.

via Costa

How Fun!

My sister and I are planning to treat my dad on a holiday in Spain! He's retired and he's absolutely loves traveling. When traveling he's the most happiest man on earth!On journeys, he always makes a point do charity work. I strive for his traits! & Yes, baba is a perfectionist!:)


Kitty said...


It looks bleutiful and hope ur baba has a great trip... is sooooo awessome he does charities work...

but thisw place doesnt need too mucxh charities gthough!!!!

kinda fancy 4 me!!!!

theceelist said...


....LOL well there r diff forms of chrity.

..ull b surprised this just may b a homless man heaven.yeah..imagine hed get 1000 drop in the bucket just lk that..hed b lk Oh WOW!!:O

baba may lk ...

but believe me.. who woudnt turn dwn this place!

...soooo any shops & resturant..shall I pull over?

Kitty said...


Sounds lika BLAST!!!!

i dunno bout humless peeps in dat rich place dough.

Kitty said...


I luv dis song

theceelist said...

....hum mayb mayb not! tnx 4 sharing..LOL

Driving Music!