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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disco ~Shimmer~ Summer*

I come ALIVE in the summer X..LOL:)


Kitty said...


We playplayplay in da summer!!!


theceelist said...

Heeeeeeeey Kitty I miss u kitty!!! Dance kitty dance!!:;) lol

theceelist said...

So bibkat I was just in the store and had 2 bags I told the cashir to put one bk but this sweet lady insisted oN
Buying it for me.. I told her it fine but she insisted..I apologized for holding up the line & that was That wht a sweet heart lol

Kitty said...


Sweet ol lady!!!

We'll be sweet ol ladies too!!!

Goin to a parti Ceee!!!!

Maybe juwst boring though!!! I' tell u when back!!!!

Miss u Cee A LOT!!!!!

theceelist said...

Yeah she was sweet but it was sorted awkward 4 me thoughshe was sweet old lady lol

I can't wait 2 hear ... Hv fun 4 both of us!!!!:)

Kitty said...


Rich peeps r BORING!!!

Party was small talkky... goregoeous old farm... good hordeuves... I luv my gay firends... want to eat indian buffet dinner w/ them!!!!!Q

My makeup was reallzy good!!!!

theceelist said...

& sm city poor pep r 2 exciting .. Yet entertaining... Lol mayb u should hv said y'all sm boring mfers .. JkIng ...tell them next x b sure to invite sm poor so there will b a nice balance.. Lol

Gay friends & Indian food hum

Amazing hordeuovs & make up in a farm sounds fun!!:)

Kitty said...

HIIII Ceeee!!!

Hahahaha... get the poor peeps that cutie sequin JC skirty ... matching outfurs!!!

Kitty said...


Happy Papa DAY!!!

I made mine biscotto!

My fav fruits are cantoloops and aquamelons!!!

theceelist said...

... Yeah

That's sounds nice ur mking me hungry... I'm gonna treat my dad out to dinner..soon we r far away fromeach other but I'm sure he's having a great x :)

Kitty said...

Me too Cee...

Big smiles 4 r dads!!!

theceelist said...

Yes out dads loves us dearly & we live them 2...:) they r awesome

Hey kitty I removed that comment about traveling to a forign country alone my dad hates that idea... Lol

Kitty said...

That is good Cee... let's keep daddys HAPPI!!!!

theceelist said...

My dad is really funny yet a bit intimidating ... Lol