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Sunday, June 26, 2011

J Crew's Plumage Mini

Lush tiers of custom-dyed Spanish feathers sewn onto a base of merino wool. It's lined in silk chiffon and finished with a glamorous exposed zipper!

Furrry fluffy Skirt fettish #3! This one here is a cute soft touch! LUV :)


Kitty said...


wish it werent feathers dough!!!

theceelist said...

Ur right I go it wasn't md from lil sweet happy birds may b if they were sick birds then the $ from the skirt goes bk to preserve the wilderness or smthing.. I luv it but I'd never spend 500 4 a skirt lk this!

theceelist said...

But u know it may b made from sheaded feathers no killed birds...The best this to do would b is to contact j crew and ask they r very accommodating and have excellent customer service ... & that's y its my fav store:)

Kitty said...

U hav goodie ideas CCCCCEEEEEE!

Same idear

theceelist said...

tnx kitty I guess 500 is a good price compared 2 /\:)