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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monocle's 25/25 Travel List

Monocle's concise, informed, downloadable guides to the top business cities and resorts. From working breakfasts to playful dinners, they give you all the contacts you need.

Travel Idea starter/itineray:) I really luv this!!

Click on the cities/resorts, La Dolce Vita!^_^...


Kitty said...


Too many places to go!!!

I think i'll just stay in my treehome!!!!


Or mybe go to Java!!!! Not coffee!!!!

theceelist said...

Oh kitty ok i shouldn't b gone no more than 2 weeks and I'll leave u fresh water and kitty snacks im ur bowl but uv gotta count ur servings so ur litter won't get dirty to quickly... Lol ( now that is weird) lolling