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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marcel Wanders*

Onyx Jewel Cut Stools
Looking @ these /\ make me feel alive and like it's time to go on a sunny fun vacation!:)  The translucent sunlight makes them even more appealing.They resemble a translucent durbaka:)*Pretty & Chic*
Turning and touching this faucet would feel amazing, with it's sleek diamond cut style and elegance:)

"Love is a mistery, if you know what you look for you cannot find it, if you are open and find it you cannot be sure was the thing you were looking for"


Kitty said...



LUV IT!!!!!!

He's a cutie too???

Kitty said...

Cee... I gotta look in mailbox earlier in the day... didnt see this till now... he may be about mostfav designer!

theceelist said...

OH YEAH MARCEL Hes just simply the full pkg..LOL

he always sayw smthing worth whils listning 2:)

He said so many great things in this interview!

theceelist said...

U know ve been using that tactic where he says" how do we respond to out surrounding " ive never thought about life lk that b4 it's really effective...:)

Kitty said...


cutie, smartie, happi, peoplehelper!!!!

Kitty said...


you talked EXEGGTLY WHEN I talked!!!!