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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun X:)*

my room window view
Electrolux: Nomiya Art Home @ Palais de Tokyo

@  Nomiya Art HomeI made macroons made home made french vanilla ice cream YUM YUM:)

Perfect Perisan roof top view from Nomiya Art Home..I'm gonna give myself a party up here with a nice orchard deco LOL that'll be su-weeeeeeeeh)*
My Aunt sent me a bunch of cloths. This is one of the many suits she sent me last month:) * CHEERS* tnx:)'s


Kitty said...


I LUV thsi post!!!! Every picture I louv!!!!

I was saving lloking at this till tonight and I cant believe how coolk it is!!!

I'm not sure why I like it so much but its trippy trippy fun!


Kitty said...


Wonder what I'll wear to your PARTEEEE UP theere????

theceelist said...

Im glad u LUV it Kitty YEAH..LOLing

it is FUN FUN:) :)

Of course uKitty ud b top of my guest oh ABSOLUTELY:)

I think fuzzy wuzzy miu miu pumps and those cute lil dresses or mybe the exct opposite Hermes lil silk scarfs and Oscar Da la renta classy*

Kenzo would b our sent,, still wear luv it since the summer..LOL

theceelist said...

Oh and mayb a chanel lil hndbag 2

or would u lk 2 do dramma lk McQueen with those ruffle dresses

ill stop now im getting 2ooooo carried away ..LOL

Kitty said...


We could change outfittts half way through party fun!!!

1st outfit srious and 2nd one krazeefun!!!!

theceelist said...

thats a great idea..we can change in the garden dwn below..we can wear non name brand stuff no my aunt will send us lots of clothss we can share..LOL..we can tell her shell get it 4 swear shes 1 of the sweetest pep in the world