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Friday, March 5, 2010

Bumble and Bumble

The  Bumble and Bumble hair factory in New York’s Meatpacking District answers all hair needs in a stylish hi-tech setting. Sited in a former printing warehouse, its six floors house a postgraduate hair academy, a store, a café, a reception (pictured) where the seats can be removed to create a catwalk, design labs and, of course, a state-of-the-art salon. 

Each area is open-plan and punctuated with design details affirming the building’s industrial beginnings, such as concrete floors, carbon-coated surfaces and insulation fabric for curtains. Salon mirrors are dispensed with in order to nurture trust in your stylist and, instead, clients are treated to fabulous views of the Hudson. 


Kitty said...


I've been doing more stuff with my hair... like brushing it!!!!

Bumble looks very cool... but so much $$$$...

I want a big beehive hairdo!


theceelist said...


Its fine 2 splurge sm x..They sell an experience I think thats y they mark the prices up..when selling an experience u can get away with i the ..but its hrd 2 pull that on a frugal person..LOL..smx i frugal then sx i treat my self,,lol

Kitty said...


I like to treat myself to salt scrubs and massages... that makes me feel like a baby. BabyKitty~~~~


theceelist said...

oh ok cool...4 me..i think they may vary..1 day it may another it may be lying in bed surffing the web..or going out 2 a fancy really ramdom..or just going 2 the horse stable..

but yeah be sure 2 pamper ur self..absolutly!