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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hotel Arts Barcelelona

With panoramic views of both the city and the sea, Hotel Arts is a striking contemporary hotel with beachfront location near Barcelona’s finest shops and restaurants.


Kitty said...


That's all...


theceelist said...

lol..hum i dnt think its a super interesting place but the gold fig is the most interesting thing about it..i lk the pic..the interior istnt all that great but its cool..not mind blowing though,,lol

Kitty said...

Gold "fig"???


I LUV it.

And you're right CeeCee... the hotel is nice... (lalalalalala)

But the FIG!!!!!!

theceelist said...

lk an aptent..

it cool its near shops and restaurant..stuff 2 do around it..thats the cool prt..i gues