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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hippy Electricity!

The clothes demand that you dance—somewhere, soon, and with abandon. Bangles and fringe, tribal tattoos, electricity-conducting colors that almost clash but don’t: If all that is not loud enough for you, just add more beads.
Necklace, $210 at Topshop, 478 Broadway. Bangles, from $40 to $60 at Diane Von Furstenberg, 874 Washington St. Bandeau, $11 at American Apparel, 712 Broadway.
Dress, $1,400 at Diane Von Furstenberg. Sandals, $1,605 at Giuseppe Zanotti Design, 806 Madison Ave.
Guys! Dont these SCREAM out door concert FUN!:) I LUV those bracelets and beaded sandles!:)


Kitty said...




When I say the title I thought it would be a recipe for homemade batteries!!!!

Thanks girlfriend!!!

theceelist said...

LOL shaggy scoooby doooby doooo..LOL im really silly right now..BTW I hv new blogging hours as u may ceeeeeeeee?!..LOL

Kitty said...

New girlie bloggy hours!!!!



theceelist said...

yeah Kitty ..I hp thats fine:)

Fun ..I am hp u r 2.:)

Kitty said...


Whatever makes you HAPPY is good with me!!!!

I wish it would get warmer... I want to hang outside in the sun!!!

Be relaxed and happy girlfriend!!!

Kitty said...

Uh oh...

I'm running low on exclamation points... :)

theceelist said...

I was hanging out in the sun shine watching the surffers..I need a good camra.i wantd 2 post sm thinking of buying 1 of those cannon cameras..i hv no camra with..lots of cool stuff this week i saw & lots & lots of zara modles

rinnuing out of exclamations..Kitty dont say this im

Kitty said...

rinnuing out of exclamations..Kitty dont say this im


I got a new delivery of EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!


theceelist said...

I hp so i was getting sad 4 a