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Friday, December 7, 2012

Monocle Magazine's Travel Top 50

From an exceptionally helpful member of hotel staff to a great view from your room, every little thing counts towards making a pleasant travel experience truly great. In this annual survey our editors have selected 50 things from our travels this past year that we felt were exceptional.


Kitty said...


All d niz place n peeps!!!!!

Sooooooo smooth!!!!


theceelist said...

Oh yeah the monocle crew really know their stuff !! I trust those guys.. They haven't failed me yet:)

Kitty said...

Littl luxuriez bester than gaudi stuff!!!!

theceelist said...

Watch architecture Beinnali 1 & 2

Doha TriBeCa film fest

And soft power survey

Interesting stuff!!

A lil brain food I Guess:)